We combine extensive design and construction experience to bring you a new approach to interior design – a careful blending of art and science...


Michael Sofie

Michael brings an accomplished aesthetic and deep knowledge of design periods to the partnership. His vision and understanding of what a space can be is the basis of successful design.

The real chance, the highest level of success you can expect, is directly proportional to the level of understanding you have about what it is you truly want. Understanding what is true and pure about what appeals to you abates fear and magnifies success.

The design process is an evolutionary journey. You have to be brave enough to set aside what you think you know to discover what lies on the other side of the hill.

If you are willing to immerse yourself in the process, we may be the right team for you. You choose us, we choose you.


Bob Shepp

Bob brings 37 years of high end residential construction experience to his design collaboration with Michael. His ability to transform the design concepts to 3D models and renders guarantees constructability while giving clients photo quality images of the design.

For thirty seven years 6:30 AM found me walking through some of the most complex residential project sites in the country. My job was to be a translator for architects and designers, standing at the site conference table moving blue lines to perfect the final outcome.

All these years were dedicated to making the designs I was given reality, to making them perfect. Some are now among the great homes of America.

Today mornings find me in front of powerful computer modeling and rendering tools, translating ideas into visions. Remarkably beautiful concepts are the genesis of the process, conceptual drawings along the way, merely markers on a path. For us rendering is not simply the display of a final idea, it is a critical part of the entire project. Iteration, precise rendition, informed decisions.

Before the trucks roll to the site, before the framers start to raise the posts and beams, every detail has been accounted for. No surprises, no confusion, simply flawless design with a wealth of experience to back it up.