La Boutek

“A bridal palace for haute couture luxury”

Our client was presented with the opportunity to relocate an award-winning boutique bridal salon to a new, exciting and prestigious Bellevue, WA location. She asked us for a salon design worthy of showcasing the high-end bridal and evening wear she represented from designers around the world, including Israel, Barcelona, Italy, NYC, Lebanon and Paris.

We viewed the oddly shaped space we were presented as an opportunity for creativity. Carving out centers of activity that could be separate yet connected in a flow of adventure allowing the bride and her party to enjoy the experience of discovering just the right gown and accessories. We wanted to surround the bride with wedding-style class and luxury while at the same time allowing the bridal party a champagne and chocolate fun experience.

Whether roaming the salon, perched at the jewelry bar, taking a break in the lounge, chatting live with designers abroad via the media rooms, or trying on stunning gowns at the semi-private stage; this salon is designed to offer the haute couture luxury experience.

Computer renders by West Highland Design