The Jewelry Source

“Classic materials form a sophisticated setting for boutique jewelry”

For more than 35 years The Jewelry Source has been one of the most successful boutique jewelry businesses north of downtown Seattle. When a prime location became available plans for a new store started taking shape.  The owners called us to explore a fitting new image for the expansion, asking us to examine the things we liked about the existing store and incorporate them into a new and contemporary interior. 

We wanted a calm, clean island for the lighted cases that hold an extensive collection of contemporary and vintage jewelry.  Lighting, security, sense of permanence and an aura of sophistication were high on the list of must haves. 

We chose to limit the retail space to essentially three materials, large format marble tile, light grey mirror walls and high-end wall coverings to eliminate as much sheetrock as possible. 

Three clean chandeliers light the main retail isles, display and task lighting all comes from either interior case lights or focus beams flush mounted in the ceiling.

Computer renders by West Highland Design